HerScan is a community based Mobile Breast Ultrasound Screening company. Once your images are read by the Board Certified Radiologist, you will receive your completed report and images within 10 business days via Our New Ramsoft Omega AI Blume Patient Portal. *Please confirm that the email address we have on file for you is correct.

New to HerScan!! Ramsoft Omega AI Blume Client Portal!

You will receive an email from HERSCAN BREAST ULTRASOUND SCREENING and the subject line will be HERSCAN BREAST ULTRASOUND has shared a report with you.

*Please note Blume will save your images indefinitely but you are also able to save them to your desktop, a USB flash drive or a CD. Blume also offers the ability to share your results to your physician's email.

Also, if you would like your results on your mobile device please download the Blume-OmegaAI from your App store.

Your HerScan report is your proof of the type of screening you had completed. Please be advised that HerScan does not supply codes, or bill Medicare, Medicaid, or any third party insurances. The Board Certified Radiologists are not on site and are not available for consultations, referrals, or comparisons. Any abnormalities found will need to be followed up by your primary care doctor, OB/GYN, or local breast center.

Thank you for doing more and choosing HerScan for your Breast Ultrasound screening, as Early Detection is Everything.

If you have any further questions or concerns you may call us at 1-800-338-7499 ext. 2 or email us at HerScanResults@HerScan.com.

Thank you
The HerScan Team!